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One of the leading supplier, Our people are well trained, we take pride in providing excellent customer service and High quality proudcts. We’re easy to reach, very friendly and have a passion for making high-end products. We’re always willing to think outside the box to make sure your order meets your exact specifications. We already made 60,000+ projects to our customers from 25+ countries.

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As a leading suplier of Custom Products, we have the ability to put your logo on a variety of products. The same processes used to create custom pins, coins and keychains can also be applied to make retail quality jewelry products. And with our well management capabilities and years of expertise, we’re confident we can deliver premium products on time.

We are specialized in provie High Quality of Keyrings, Magnets, Bottle Openers, Drink Accessories, Medals, Coins, Badges, Lapel Pins, Brooches, Bookmarks, Paperweights, Logo Tags, Plaques, Souvenirs, Wall Hooks, Bag Hangers, Emblematic Jewelry, Lanyards, Luggage Tags, Rubber Softies & Silicone Accessories and more.

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